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XP League is Canada's first esports league for elementary and middle school kids. Our programs are designed to support new, casual, and competitive young players with a safe and engaging esports experience.

Our programs are led by PCA double goal certified coaches that focus on teaching structured life skills such as social, team, evaluation, and motor skills.


We are bridging the gap between conventional youth athletics and competitive esports. Players receive a pro-level experience as they develop lasting life-skills. The thrill and excitement of esports is now accessible to elementary and middle school aged kids in a fun and healthy way.

At XP League, it’s all about the Xperience.

Social Skills

- Relationship Management - Respect - Empathy - Active Listening - Responsibility - Emotions Management

Team Skills

- Effective Communication - Reliability - Leadership - Collaboration - Decision Making - Adaptability

Evaluation Skills

- Analysis - Strategy - Problem Solving - Critical Thinking - Pattern Recognition - Behaviour Recognition

Motor Skills

- Hand-Eye Coordination - Bilateral Coordination - Balance and Coordination



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- Supervised game play

- Safe environment to socialize with other youth

- Test and trial different games

- Premium gaming experience

Focused Life Skills

Social & Motor

Esports Membership

Concerned with who your kids are interacting with online? Join our community of like minded parents!

- Private Ottawa esports community

- 24/7 moderated closed-network communications environment

- Access to esports tournaments

Focused Life Skills:

Social, Team, Evaluation & Motor

Immersive esports experience for casual and competitive gamers.

- Weekly practices and league games

- Customized esports jerseys

- In-game technical team coaching

- 24/7 moderated closed-network communications environment

Focused Life Skills:

Social, Team, Evaluation & Motor

Esports Academy

Specialized training to becoming a professional esports athlete.

- Progressive skills development training programs

- 1 on 1 coaching

- Individual game play review & feedback

Focused Life Skills:

Evaluation & Motor

2021 Fall Season Game Lineup

Registration Required For Skills Assessment

(Esports League and Esports Academy)

Appointments Available

Tanger Location

Monday - Saturday

10 AM - 7 PM


11 AM - 4 PM

Sterling Spaces Location


4 PM - 7 PM


10 AM - 12 PM